Asleep on the podcast heap #2

This week's episode finds me considering... 

- gloomy witchy techno from England
- Guided by Voices' heartbreakingly ordinary new album
- and Nim, the tragic chimp whose life was ruined by a pompous turtlenecked professor with a hard-on for his female postgrad students and a disregard for the simple simian's heart.

the hipster chimp with the heart of gold

I feel much happier with episode 2 than I was with episode 1. I've managed to iron out a few technical kinks and improved my diction. This episode also includes music clips to add context to my discussion, and I feel like I was more focused and engaged in my chattering. Once again, I had great fun putting it together.

I'd greatly appreciate your taking a listen to this and giving any feedback at all. If you weren't so sure about episode 1, I'd still encourage you give this one a go as it's much further along the learning curve.

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STORKBOY said...

Make sure and retweet this at more sociable hours dude.

TAD said...

G: This podcast is better & funnier than Episode 1, it's obvious you're relaxing. Liked the jokes about your state-of-the-art studio, too. & you're reading H.P. Lovecraft over the holidays?! Perfect.... That Guided by Voices song sounded kinda nice even if the album was disappointing.
Overall: Pretty fun stuff from a guy who's voice can penetrate concrete bunkers....
Would I be rushing you if I asked what's up your sleeve 4 the next one?
You make a good monologist. Roll with it, enjoy it.