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My post on asparagus disappeared mysteriously and my fileden account was suspended. Web sherrif? Meh. Anyway, here is a retrieved version from google cache minus your comments - sorry. I'll try link the songs again too. Asparagus is in season. The cookery writers in the English Sunday papers go bonkers this time of the year, describing the stuff in wibbly monologues. Nigel Slater - whose recipes I love - can be especially hilarious. A recipe for asparagus omelette might describe how he waits, quivering in the moonlight, for the first tender cock-like spears to rupture forth. Then, under cover of darkness, he'll harvest them, lay them gently out on his picnic table, and oil them up for the pot. As they steam merrily away, the cock-like aroma of the asparagus, its cock-like shape, and memories of rough sex from back when he was a working class lad will overwhelm poor Nigel - causing him to spurt buckets of adjectives all over the place before passing out peacefully with his hand down his trousers and the omelette burning. Something I wonder at this time of year is whether there is such a thing as fresh Irish asparagus? Like to buy? A quick straw poll I conducted on Facebook suggests not. But then, only two people responded, my mate Niamh and a Canadian. Is there something wrong with our soil? Maybe Irish soil is conducive only to the growth of lumpen and misshapen veg like the spud. MP3: Bat for Lashes-Daniel The new Bat for Lashes album is great. Though it's hard to listen to it without thinking of one of those 80s films full of animatronic creatures, and a talking wall that asks you a riddle before you can access the amethyst palace. "Driver..take me to the Bat For Lashes gig!" While we are on the subject of ethereal music here's a good 'un from Robert Fripp and Brian Eno's 'Evening Star' album. Like most music of this kind, you'll probably have heard it burbling away in the background of Prime Time at some point, or during the emotive climax of a TV3 documentary where Barry from Kent is reunited with his family after painful scrotum surgery. MP3: Fripp and Eno-Evening Star Finally, two from the wonderful Television Personalities because I am listening obsessively to 'Don't the Kids Just Love it?'. Dan Treacy's lyrics are terribly affecting and can make me well up. I think the melodies of his songs sound honest in themselves. There's a little instrumental called the crying room, which features a melodion and plucked guitar and it's just the saddest thing. It sounds like a heart disintegrating. MP3: Television Personalities-Look Back in Anger MP3: Television Personalities-The Crying Room


Gardenhead said...

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Karl has left a new comment on your post "Parties in Chelsea...":

That TVPs album is fast becoming one of my favourites.

Adam has left a new comment on your post "Parties in Chelsea...":

Eggs, Bat For Lashes, Neverending Story. Now I'M gonna pass out with me paw doown me pantaloons.

Ian has left a new comment on your post "Parties in Chelsea...":

2, no wait 3 things.

1. I attended my first and thus far only ever dinner party about 2 years ago for my Canuck mate Wendy's birthday. She served asparagus as a starter. To a man and woman not a single Irish person in attendance had ever eaten it before. Perhaps the reason for it's lack of popularity here has it's roots in our history of Catholic demagoguery and its as you mentioned member-like appearance was considered sinful, and if that was the case then also counting against it was the fact that asparagus looks like it's Jewish. Carrots, popular here, may also look like cocks but they're good christian never killed Jesus un-brissed ones.

2. I just thought of a 4th thing but as it's connected to the first I'll insert it here.

There was an episode of ALF where Willie spent much of the episode composing a song about asparagus for the kid to sing in some school pageant. You don't have to watch the whole episode as fortunately the song first crops up early in it but it's worth watching the first couple of minutes for ALF making a joke about an 8 year old fucking a fish.


And another song about asparagus, from a real life school pageant ...


3. Take back what you said about spuds you bastard.

4. N. Khan is obviously a tremendously talented woman but I've seen her live twice and boy did she bore the pants off of me both times. Raunchy auld photoshoot for, I think it was Spin, recently. I think they had to shop out a nipple.

Gardenhead has left a new comment on your post "Parties in Chelsea...":

@Karl...top 5? I KNOW how much you love your lists bro!

@Adam I always knew you were sick...but...eggs?

@Ian that Alf shit is hilarious. I can't ever get enough of the wisecracking alien. As for Nastacha Khan being boring live...I'm going to chance her at Primavera again anyway. The sweep of the new material suggests at least a different kind of show will be in the offing. And I really love spuds don't ya know.

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Karl has left a new comment on your post "Parties in Chelsea...":

List week is over, it was partly an experiment to see exactly what the effect of posting once/more than once EVERY day would have, even without any actual writing. Result: more views.

But maybe not top 5... top 20 possibly.

Re: Bat for Lashes live - saw her both days at Radiohead and she bored the pants off me too. First day was better because she didn't realise you could see her pants through her dress and we in the crowd had good fun making joke.

Adam has left a new comment on your post "Parties in Chelsea...":

I can't wait to objectify Ms Khan at Primavera and I like the way you accept that I find an 80s kids' fantasy film sexual but question m leaning towards eggs.Coming soon, top 5 animals that weigh less than 1 kilo that I would like to defile.

daniel the confused said...

on irish asparagus from an in house source
- http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_dSXpMmLuLYo/SgmyGEW9I6I/AAAAAAAAGEI/VjeGThzPfyg/s1600-h/asparagus.jpg

I would have typed it out but I'm a bit drunk

Gardenhead said...

thanks Daniel lots of cool scribbly detail there. Do you grow it yourself? I see the note mentions wild asparagus a good bit. That's the really thin delicate stuff isn't it? Do you know if it can be bought in shops or not? I still haven't found out for sure.

mp3hugger said...

Christ, don't you know it's unsafe to post asparagus. The moore street net presence have a terrible track record in deleting posts.

Gardenhead said...

Hugger, you might know more about this than me but it seems that google have the power to remove Blogger posts without notification if the RIAA report them to have copyright stuff in them.

What irks me, and I know I am on a weak platform here considering I did post copyright stuff, is that they pull the whole post, a couple of hours worth of writing. And not a peep. No notification. Nothing. It implies the writing is worthless. Meaningless packing around the song in question. I felt a bit weird and violated to see my post gone into thin air. I'm considering the big switch to wordpress.

LoLo said...

DO IT! Switch to wordpress, its mega :D

mp3hugger said...

Yeah, you are not alone in that department. If google gets wind of grumbling from anyone label related bang, there goes the post. Just FYI I noticed this before on a blog where you posted a Cymbals Eat Guitars track. It was there one minute, gone the next. It certainly wasn't CEG that caused the bother, probably related to the other track you posted.

Read some threads on this forum

and you'll see how widespread this is.

Gardenhead said...

I've just noticed that post is gone now too... Oh GOD I am actually seething with anger. The the underhandedness of it all. So quiet. So sly. They almost must be hoping bloggers don't notice. GRRR GRRR GRRR GRRR....wordpress here I come.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?